Retired and living happily ever after with my Colombian wife in Colombia. Love to chat, learn new stuff and write about it.

Born in Spain, at age five I immigrated to Canada.

Having been raised and educated in Montreal, one of the most cosmopolitan city”s in North America, I embraced many cultures. I spoke Spanish at home and with my parent’s friends. French was learned “on the street” as well as thru my first year at school. English became my primary language by fluke when I moved and I had to change to an English school closer to my home.

After completing  High School, I continued my studies at Sir George Williams University and Concordia University while working full time.

I moved to Toronto in the late seventies, where I started my new career in plastics production, and progressed rapidly to a Division Manager. Flash forward to the mid 1990’s: I was feeling burned out and seeked other situations.

By now separated, and shortly thereafter divorced, I moved to Spain. I settled in Malaga, on the Mediterranean coast and dreamed of meeting and marrying a nice, rich, Spanish woman. I woke up and returned to Montreal and soon was working and learning Journalism and Technical Communication at my old Alma mater.

A few years later I fell in love all over again and moved to Colombia.


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