Your invite: Banana Skin Flip Flops’ 3rd Birthday Party

Hey you all. I was invited by my friend, Tiffany, co-owner of La Villa, to meet and greet Victoria, a real queen of blogs. She, as well as all her friends, are celebrating her third anniversary. I had a blast at her party, attended by more than a 100 of her Bogota friends and fans, and discovered a very WISE person with a passion and a voice that resonates true feelings. Her blogs are the manifestations of her encounters and explorations of Bogota, Colombia and many other South American countries. Enjoy!

Banana Skin Flip Flops

Banana Skin Flip Flops may not be the New York Times but because Bogotá, especially among our little corner of English speakers, is more of a village than a city, I do meet people who’ve read it.

Sometimes they’ll write to me after our meeting and say: “You never said you were that Banana Girl,” or, better, “I feel like I know you already,” to which I always mumble something about the “carefully constructed version of myself I put on the Internet” and insist I am not a worry-stricken, culturally-confused, disasterous-at-dating blonde woman who runs around Bogotá in too-tall shoes, but actually someone who is always cool, calm and well put together.

I started Banana Skin Flip Flops to let my family and friends know I was safe during my six month trip to South America. At first it was awful – the classic ramblings of a journalist who’d…

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