Personal Growth thru Health and Wellness

ImageHi my name is Juan Antonio and this is my first blog so please bear with me as I stumble along. I have a passion for health and wellness topics as well as my personal growth and I hope to share these with you.

The most important thing about being healthy is it’s not hard to do. You basically have to make simple choices that involve what you eat, how you cook and how much exercise and  rest you get.

When shopping for food choose fresh instead of canned or frozen fruits and vegetables. Select whole grain breads and cereals that are lower in fat, sugar and salt. Milk and other dairy products such yogurt and cheese now come in skim,1% or 2% kinds that are better for you. Eat more vegetables and fruits than meat. Use meat alternatives such as fish and beans combined with rice to satisfy your protein needs. I eat fresh salmon or trout at least twice a week.

Cook with small amounts of unsaturated fats such as canola, olive and soybean. Limit your consumption of butter, hard margarine, lard and shortening and choose soft margarines low in saturated and trans fats.

Avoid food and beverages high in calories,fats and sugar or salt.

Drink at least six pints of water a day and avoid sugar-laden beverages. Green tea is very high in antioxidants beneficial to your continued good health.

Be active every day! Walk briskly at least 30 to 60 minutes daily in periods of at least 10 minutes.

Get at least eight hours of sleep daily. Taking good care of your body ensures better overall health and feeling better.

Talk to you soon,

Juan Antonio


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